Sidebar and Toolbar Help

What are Dynamic Rates?

Dynamic Pricing is the ability for your prices to automatically update, helping you achieve maximum revenue & occupancy. provides a revenue management service that combines our powerful Google API with a dedicated account manager who will help answer your questions and provide weekly feedback. The revenue management service is available for 5% of your gross […]

Channel Manager Activity Log

Within Switch, there are two different activity logs found.  One can be found under the Calendar Tab and displays activity done by users in terms of reservations. This Activity Log is based around the activity of Online Travel Agents (OTAs) such as, and As seen below it tracks activity such as push and […]

Import Reservations

The Import function provides a way to manually import your existing reservations into Switch. This function is primarily used when initially setting up a property. Simply follow the below steps on how to import the reservations: 1. Make sure you have turned on import page on turn features on / off to show the import tab. 2. On import page, […]


Channel Manager > Dashboard, a quick overview of your OTA connectivity. Learn more about OTA connectivity [here].

Room Overview Report

This report shows a quick summary of the rooms. The following information can be seen:  Total Rooms – shows total count of current occupied rooms Total Number of Persons Arriving Guests  Departing Guests In-house Guests Default date is set to “today” and results can be sorted out by guest name, status, check-in date, check-out date, room […]

Arrivals and Checked-in Report

Arrivals and Checked-in Reports are found inside the Reports function inside the Statistics Tab. You can click [here] for the tutorial about the Statistics tab. It will show you all the arrivals and check-ins per day for a specific day. You can customize your report by choosing ON what date or BETWEEN what dates you want […]

Nationality Info Report

This report can be found under the [Statistics] tab and it can gives you an insight into how many guests have visited your property according to their nationality. This report can be generated Between specific dates or On any exact date of your choice. Just like the other reports, you can have the Nationality Info report printed/generated as PDF or it can be […]

In-House Report

In-House Report is found inside the [Statistics] Tab, in the Reports function. At the top it will show the total number of rooms occupied versus the total number of rooms, occupancy rate, the estimated income for the day, and the paid balance for the day (money received).  Below in list form, you will see all […]

Forecast Report

The forecast report summarizes all the future occupancy and revenue that a property can expect in the upcoming months. This report shows the next 12 months and automatically jumps to the next month at the end of the current month. This report can be found on the left side menu under the [Statistics] tab in your […]

Departures and Checked-out Report

Departures and Checked-out Reports are found inside the Reports function of the [Statistics] tab. It will show all the departures and check-outs per day for a specific day. You can customize your report by choosing ON what date or BETWEEN what dates you want to view. Also you can filter the guests by status (“waiting […]