To modify prices for specific dates, expand the Revenue Management menu on the side bar then click on Seasonal Prices.

Hold CTRL (for Windows) or CMD (for Mac) to click and select multiple dates, type the new rate, and press ENTER to save changes:

Use Filters to make selecting rates and rooms easier.

1. Date Filter

Data filter allows you to jump to the specific dates. After clicking this button, a small calendar will appear where you can set the start date. 

2. Other Filter Options

This filter allows you to select a specific days of the week and room type that you want to search.

3. Search Filter
Search Filter allow you to select the date range, room type and add the price manually. After that click Fill’em Up! to save.


Reset / refresh Button
Allows user to clear ALL seasonal prices and revert prices to the base rate. 

Base rates are set on Room setup under Basic settings.