Connection through the extranet has been disabled temporarily by Expedia as they are now handling the Channel Manager connectivity through email solicitation.

Thus you have to follow the below instructions for new Expedia connection: 

First, you have to download this form, fill-out the necessary information, attach it to the email and the email should mention that you want to connect your Expedia extranet to the Channel Manager provider SWITCH.CM, and you require the Expedia team to initiate the connection”.  Afterwards, kindly send it to this email: 

Expedia team will send you a Username and Password to use in Switch’s Channel Manager Dashboard.

Next, open up Switch, and under Channel Manager, navigate to Dashboard OTA.

Select "Add New Channel"

Then, enter in the username, password, and property ID that Expedia emailed to you. 

Next, map the Remote Rooms to the correct Local Rooms. 

The last step is to Click "Run Push (1 month)" and Set "Automatic Push" and "Automatica Pull" to "Enable". 

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