Switch.cm does not charge you based on how many rooms you have or how many reservations you process. We offer you a flat monthly rate based on how many OTA connections you make. This allows you predict your future costs more easily.

Please see our pricing plan for more detailed information on pricing.

There is a different rate for our monthly and our yearly subscriptions and if you choose to pay yearly you will see an average savings of 20% (depending on the plan).

When you are registering for a free trial you must enter your Credit Card of Paypal details but you will NOT be charged your subscription fee until the end of the two month trial. Also you will not be charged the setup fee until you have spoken with one of our representatives and completed the setup and training. Setup fees can be negotiable for multi-property users and some smaller properties.

We also offer certain special rates for multi-property users and for seasonal users. Please write to us at info@switch.cm for inquiries.

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