If you're interested in partnering up with Switch.cm, we offer a white label solution that will allow you to sell your own white label PMS.

What's a White Label?

A white label PMS means that it's our software, but styled so that it's under your name and brand.  An example of this is Connect Simple, a company based in Ontario, Canada: [link]

You'll notice that they have a very similar looking PMS & Channel Manager: demo.simplestays.co. The source code for the PMS is routed to their domain & styled with their company name, and even the intercom chat is under their name as well.

How does this work?

Once you set up your own affiliate partnership, you are free to take on as many clients as you want.  You reach out to properties in your region, you help connect & on-board them, and you provide support.You can charge your properties a monthly subscription fee, or maybe a percentage of revenue, as long as your pricing is roughly aligned to ours.

What are the costs involved?

In order to start we charge a basic one-time fee to cover development & training.  The development cost covers the set up of all the domain routing & white labelling so that the site is on your website, and the training teaches you all of the administrative features, allowing you to connect your own properties without needing any help.Any upgrades that we push to Switch.cm will continuously update to your white label PMS, and we also include limited life-long support.

After the first year of contract we start charging 10% of your revenue for new clients, so we can continuing improving our system and benefit together from the expansion you're contributing to. 

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