Agoda/ Expedia
All the reservations need to be cancelled via Agoda or Expedia. We can not cancel any reservations from Switch. If we cancel any reservations from switch without the guest cancelling from the Online Travel Agency (OTA) then we will have to pay commission for that reservation, as it is still active

It is also good to ask the guests to cancel it from the OTA because then we can have a proof of the guest’s actions, in case they disagree with the cancellation later. 

If the guest emails to cancel their reservation, we can direct the guest to go their confirmation emails and cancel their reservations.

We also need to inform the guests regarding our seven day cancellation policy just so that they are aware when to cancel the reservation. 

Since we do not have to pay commission to the Hostelworld, and the method is pay upon arrival, we can cancel the reservation in Switch directly. 

If the request is via call, then request the guest to send us an email so that we have a proof of their cancellation.

Step 1: Pull up the reservation in Switch that is booked via Hostelworld and needs to be cancelled. 

Step 2: Click Cancel from the status bar 

Step 3: Copy the link of the email from intercom and paste it as a note under the reservation

Step 4: Send the guest an email updating his request. 

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