Sometimes the guests are not satisfied with the locations or the guests are not suitable for a particular location or a building. Then we can consult with the guests if they are willing to transfer to any location, whichever is suitable for them. In that case we transfer the reservation from one building to another. 

Suppose we want to transfer a reservation from building A to building B and if the reservation has not been charged, then we charge the card before we make any transfers. 

Step 1: Open up the reservation that needs to transferred to Building B. 

Step 2: Copy the reservation details, like Name, email, booking ID, booking date.( all the transferred information) 

Step 3: We will then alter the amount that is in the old reservation so that the guest’s payment information is also to the amount they had paid. 

Step 4: Then in the new reservation, take the payment a “Credit card offline” and remember to untick the “send receipt” as this is just for our record that the guest has paid in full. 

Step 5: Please enter the Transaction ID in the notes for both the reservations and remember to write the same notes in the old reservation. 

Step 6: Once the payment has been done as credit card offline, please delete the original payment from the original reservation. This is to avoid double payment in our accounts. 

Step 7: After the payment has been sorted, please write “Transferred to building so and so” and “Transferred from so and so” beside the guest’s name so that anyone can easily know where to find the reservation. 

Step 8: Do the price adjustment and delete the original reservation from building A 

Step 9: Send a confirmation email to the guest regarding the transfer of the location. 

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