Once you have finished your registration with Switch.cm you will receive an email like below asking you to review and sign our Hospitality Software and Service Agreement.

From that button you will be redirected to HelloSign's electronic contract services. You will not be required to register or sign up with them.

There you can review the contract. We have tried to keep it in every day language with as little complications and no surprises. Please review this and feel free to ask us if there is anything that is not clear, or about any doubts you may have before signing.

Once you are ready to sign follow the "Get Started" button seen below.

It will ask you to e-sign the document in two places. 

You may draw in your signature, upload it from your computer if have an image of it, or type in your name. Below you can see a screenshot of that signing process.

You can quickly apply the same signature to both places or do them separately. After you have signed everywhere required, you will be prompted to make one last agreement as seen below.

Once you accept that, you will be redirected to your subdomain and you are officially a partner of Switch.cm!

You will receive an email like the one seen below where you can access the document at any point in time if you wish to consult our terms and agreements. Please keep this email and from this link you may also download a copy for yourself.

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