You need to set up the rooms that you have on your property on your Switch system. You also need to mirror the same rooms and rate plans in Switch that you have on your OTAs. This might take some adjusting in your OTA extranet, and below you will see how you can create these on Switch.  

Click on Settings (Gears icon) on the right top and select Room Setup under Basic Settings.

Base Room (1) show all your room types with the according base rate. 

Room labels are given to each individual room or bed. In the above example, letters (A,B,C,D,E) are given for separate rooms, whilst numbers (1,2,3,4) are listed as beds in each room.

Dynamic Room list (2) can be used to combine separate beds or rooms into a single sellable unit such as when a dormitory usually sold as separate beds can be reserved as a private room or such as when a property with multiple rooms can be reserved as a full property.

The system will only show availability for the private-room option when all beds within the dormitory are available. Click here for more information on Dynamic Rooms.

Rate Plans (3) function should be used whenever you want to use a different rate for your rooms, for example to have multiple occupancy plans, or to charge different prices for a specific online travel agency. 

In the above example, rates are set with at a price adjustment of +20%. So you can create a rate with a new price for an existing room. Click here for more information on Rate Plans.

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