8.1 New User
To add a 'New User' go to Engine Icon (1) > Manage User (2) > Add a New User (3)

In order to add a user to your Switch subdomain, you will have to fill out their name, email, role, slack username (if you chose to use slack integration) and their ID/Pin. Options for roles are manager, member, housekeeping and view only.

Managers can add/edit users and alter settings within the manager tab

Members can only alter appearance: both can create/edit reservations.

Housekeeping can click on the Housekeeping tab and change the status of rooms from "Needs Cleaning" to "Cleaned"

View Only users can only view Switch.

8.2 Editing an Existing UserĀ 

When editing a user, you can alter the information inputted when adding a new user. You can also delete users through the same button.

Now you are all set up! Next, take a look at some of the basic tutorials for using Switch software.

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