Add a New User

To add a New User, click the gear icon on the top right corner, (1) Manage Users (2)  then click Add a New User button (3)

Fill-out the necessary information like Name, Email, Role (Owner, Manager, Member, Housekeeping, View Only and Staff) and provide a 6-digit ID/Pin for each user.

We recommend all users have their OWN ID and PIN and that this PIN be secret. The system's Activity Log tracks all actions and changes by dat, time and user. If someone else can log in under your ID then they can take a payment or make some error and it will be recorded in the log as being done by you.

Click this [LINK] to see the full Role Management list with different access control over the calendar.

Edit and Delete an Existing User 

Whenever you want to edit the information of the existing user, you can simply just click the three dotted lines on the right (1) and click the Edit Button (2) below the name of the user. You can also delete any user by clicking the Delete button next to it.

Now you are all set! Next, take a look at some of the basic tutorials for using system.

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