qSnap captures single or multiple webpages with a single "snap", you can also edit your screen shot. You can download it for free here.

To begin, you can use the shortcut key ctrl + alt + V to capture the visible part of your page and the app will automatically open a new tab showing your screenshot.
To capture a screenshot of the full page, use the shortcut key ctrl + alt + F 

As seen below, qSnap also provides built-in annotation tools so you can edit your screenshot and add more helpful information in it. 

You can either save, or upload your screenshot to any other sites where you want it to be uploaded.

Below is the image of the editing tools and their functions. The callout tool can be edited with a text inside to for additional information, you can also edit the colors which can be seen right next to the "Crop" tool.

You can also choose to blur out some sections of your screenshots by using the "Blur" tool.
Here is an example:

Here is an additional video tutorial on what the icons are for in Qsnap.

How to save a captured image in Qsnap.

  1. After editing the desired photo or image click on Share button on the lower right of your screen.

2. Select from the choices that will show if you should share or save the images on your computer or desktop.

3. Hit save.
4. Lastly you also have a choice to take another photo or image.

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