In the picture below you'll find all the OTA's connections for an anonymous accommodation.

This property is connected to five OTAs. We are going to take the connection as an example to go through the settings.  In the picture below you'll find all the general settings for that one connection.

Running Push & Pull

Generally your system should be set up to run pushes and pulls automatically but you can in some scenarios force this action manually.

By pressing Run Push (full) you are "pushing" all the information for all dates from your SWITCH.CM account (room setup, prices, inventory, availabilities, etc.). This only needs to be done on initial setup and also if you have made some major changes in your subdomain such as creating new room types. Otherwise you can Run Push (modification only) which will push only changes that have been made since the last push.

By running pull you are "pulling" all the information from the OTA (reservations, guest details, credit card information, payments, etc.) into your SWITCH.CM account.

Enable/Disable Automatic Pull & Push

Enabling automatic Pull & Push means that your SWITCH.CM account will automatically run a pull & push,  synchronising every change in both OTA and SWITH.CM accounts. 

For example, if someone makes a reservation on your listing, you'll be able to see the reservation on your SWITCH.CM account automatically, as well as the other way around. 

If you make any changes to your prices or availability on your SWITCH.CM account, these changes will automatically be reflected for users on your OTA listing.

Before enabling automatic pull & push, make sure your rooms are mapped correctly (see next step).

Room Mapping

Mapping your rooms is one the most important steps in successfully connecting your accommodation to OTA's. It means that you need to match the rooms/beds that you are listing in the OTA with  the rooms/beds /rate plans that you set up on your SWITCH.CM account.

To avoid overbooking or information synchronising  erroneously, we suggest you contact the support team who will guide you to make sure your room are mapped correctly before "Enabling" the Automatic Push/Pull. 

Refresh Room

The Refresh Room button serves to renew and refresh the room types list that are being pulled from the OTAs. If you have added or eliminated some room type on your OTAs you need to Refresh Room on your Channel Manager Dashboard to make sure your mapping has been updated as well. You will see the updated Room Type list under the Remote Rooms column on the left side of the mapping.

Connect to OTAs

To make the initial connection with OTAs you can follow the initial setup guides below and contact a support agent to help you through the process.

Connect to

Connect to Agoda

Connect to Expedia

Connect to Hostelworld

Connect to Airbnb

Connect to Traveloka

Connect to Hostels Club

Connect to +200 OTAs through Siteminder
(tutorial coming soon)

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