Transactional emails are automated emails to guests or to yourself for different purposes.

FIRST, make sure the Transactional email box is checked ON:

And then, to setup your Transactional Emails :

For Emails to Guest


You must Enable/Disable Email (1) whether you want it to be active or not.

The Sender's Name (2) is the name that you would like your guests to see the email is sent from. For example it could be the name of your property, or your own name.

Email Address (3) is the email you want to send the messages from. Once you've added your hotel email, a verification code from Amazon SES will be sent to your email. Please click on the email for verification

Once those are all filled you can Save Settings (4) so all transactional emails come from your new settings.


Once your details for your transactional email are all set up, a message to your guests must be created. We have many triggers that can send an email. The two most common are "When New Reservation is created" (Welcome Email) and "When Guest Checks Out" (Thank you Email).

There are a few variables on the Transactional Email page to help you create a generic / default email for all guests.

For example if i wanted to address an email to a guest, the email would start:

Dear |*GNAME*|

After editing these fields, click save.

[Note: Advanced users can make use of HTML functions to modify fonts, bold and underline text]


Examples: You can view and share transactional emails from other properties on switch. You may view this option on examples tab in your transactional email settings. 

For Emails to Hotel

This is a very important process as many OTAs no longer send emails informing properties of New Reservations once they are connected to a Channel Manager. This will become your new email notification system.


First you must follow the FOUR steps above in 1.1 to Enable and edit the settings so the emails will come from the correct email address.


Then you must adjust the sender/receiver settings in a similar way to how you created an email to guest, entering the correct information in the fields below:

The system will be sending you this email but usually it will appear that you are sending an email from yourself to yourself (with the possibility of adding a CC to a second property email or owner/manager email). This is an INTERNAL notification system and guests will never see these.

Depending on the trigger you select, these emails will come for any new reservation, modification or cancellation from OTAs or Booking Button, not for manually created reservations in the system.


Finally you must use the variables to create a template notification email that will include any information you find useful

Below is a typical example of what an "New Reservation Alert" Email could look like.

***************** RESERVATIONALERT ******************************

You have a new reservation from |*SOURCE*|
Guest Name: |*GNAME*|
Guest Email: |*EMAIL*|
Check-in (arrival): |*CHECKIN*|
Check-out (departure: |*CHECKOUT*|
Room Type: |*ROOMTYPE*|
Room/Bed Number: |*ROOMNUMBER*|
Notes: |*NOTES*|


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