We highly recommend using Stripe to process your credit cards. Stripe is an accepted standard in online payments. Once Stripe is supported in your country, you’ll be able to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world. By integrating Stripe with your account, you can collect/charge your guest easily after their reservation is made – right away from your dashboard. 

Credit card information from your OTA's like and Expedia are automatically downloaded into your Switch account so you can charge them right away, saving you lots of time.

Click here to see if Stripe is supported in your country.
Click here to see transaction costs associated with Stripe.

If Stripe is supported: 

  • Go ahead and create your stripe account here
  • Link your bank account to it
  • After that, follow the guide below to integrate it into your Switch account.

How to integrate Stripe to your Switch account:

1. To enable your connection, go to Engine Icon > Payment Gateway, then click enable.

2. You will see two fields which will allow SWITCHBOARD to connect to your Stripe account. Login to your Stripe account and once you logged in, you will see your dashboard. At the top right of your screen, click on “Your Account” then click on “Account Settings.” On your top menu, click on “API Keys.”

  • There are two sets of keys here that you can use. One key will be your secret key and your publishable key. It’s important that you never share your secret key as this is unique in your account. Copy and paste your keys in their corresponding fields on Stripe settings in SWITCHBOARD and click "click to connect" button. The keys are the whole sentence, including sk ('sk_live_xxx') 



2C2P is the leading payment service provider in Southeast Asia that offers omni-channel payment solutions, allowing merchants to accept local and international payments through credit and debit cards. 

2C2P is available in the following countries:

  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

Click here If you don't have a 2C2P account. Select your county to download the application form. Submit the filled up form to the representatives below. 

Prepare the following documents below for validation of your account.

Entity base:

  • Copy of article of company incorporated
  • Copy of director identity (passport or Indonesia ID)
  • Copy of SIUP & TDP (company registration certificate)
  • Copy of NPWP (company registered tax number)
  • Website url
  • Sign registration form & agreement with 2C2P
  • Bank account details

Individual base:

  • Copy of director identity (passport or Indonesia ID)
  • Copy of NPWP (individual tax number)
  • Website URL
  • Sign registration form & agreement with 2C2P
  • Bank account details

How to integrate 2C2P to your Switch account:

1. Send request to switch's customer support to authorize 2C2P payment gateway.

2. After Switch support has authorize 2C2P, enable the payment gateway through Advanced Settings > Payment Gateway.

3. Enter your Merchant ID and secret keys (if you don't have these keys please inquire 2C2P support for assistance).

4. Click save!

Please note that payment refund is not supported in switch, you may need to manually refund guests through your 2C2P account.



Omise is a Payment Gateway in Thailand allowing you to accept payments on any platform, anytime, anywhere. Click here to sign up for an Omise account. 

How to integrate Omise to your Switch account:

1. Send request to Switch's customer support to authorize the Omise payment gateway. 

2. After Switch support has authorized Omise, enable it by going through Advance Settings > Payment Gateway.

3. Enter your secret and public keys.

You can get these keys through your Omise account under API > keys. Please note that there are two dashboards, test and live dashboard. Select the live dashboard and use live keys (you need to finish setting up your Omise account to be able to navigate to the live dashboard).

4. Save! 


Automatic Charging

Switch gives the option to enable automatic charging on your guest credit card. 

Please note that you can continue using your current credit card service (like if you have a swipe machine) for most credit card transactions, and just use Stripe for your booking button transactions.

For more information, feel free to contact us!

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