This is what the error looks like:

Why this happens:
We get this email whenever a reservation has been made on, but it doesn't end up in Switch.

  • If we keep getting them for the same property, It means that the property hasn't turned automatic pull = enable
  • But if we get them for a few different properties, then it usually means it's a server error.

Steps to fix this:

  1. Go to the property's switch calendar
  2. Double-check that their automatic push/pull is set to enabled.
  3. Run a pull & check if the reservation is there. 
  4. See if the reservation is on the calendar and that it was created by the "System" (and not manually entered in by an employee).  If it's in there, it means everything is OK 
  5. If it is, you can close the intercom message.
  6. If it is not on the calendar, then it means there's a problem with the connection.  

7. You should then contact support through: intercom or 

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