Error Description:

Business validation error, such as but not limited to: No updates provided in ICPRUpdateMessage, MaxLOS value (X) smaller than the MinLOS value(Y), The NumberOfGuests attribute may not be 0, etc.

Explanation and EQC partner Action:

This error can happen for various reasons: The AR RQ sent contained no updates - only room or rate IDs and dates, Contradictory Min and Max LOS were included in the message (Min > Max), For an OBP rate update, occupancy=0 was specified, which is not allowed/impossible, etc. EQC partner needs to capture the description returned along with this code and should advise affected hotel or property of the error to verify if there is a problem with its system or the implementation of Expedia QuickConnect.
For assistance, please contact for new activations and/or for existing connections.

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