Connection Established, Error Returned (error code greater than or equal to 4000)

The EQC partner might encounter different types of errors while trying to connect to Expedia QuickConnect. These errors are monitored by the Expedia QuickConnect team, so there is no need to advise Expedia QuickConnect of a problem when this occurs. The following is a list of the most common errors, and what the EQC partner should do about them. Please note that every error returned by Expedia services contains a reference ID that can be used when communicating with Expedia to investigate a problem.

Authentication Issues (error code in the 1000s)

From error codes 1000-1003 are a few possible errors related to communication issues, and what the EQC partner should do about them.

Parsing and other protocol issues

The Following error codes related to parsing and other protocol issues are:
2002, 2010, 3010, 3210

Response Business Errors

Once an AR RQ transaction has successfully been transmitted to Expedia QuickConnect, it can either receive a positive or negative acknowledgment. When errors are returned in AR Responses, none of the updates contained in the request were processed. In the case of availability and rates updates, several different types of errors can happen.
The negative acknowledgment of a transaction that failed can contain one or more of these error codes:

Error codes: 3015,  3020,  3021,  3022,  3026,  3090,  3103,  3107,  3108,  3123, 3124,  3125,  3128,  3129,  3135,  3142,  3145,  3202, 3203,  3204 and 3405

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