The Facebook comments section is an accessible place to find answers to your questions regarding Switch as well as to confer with other users.

The Facebook Comments tab can be found in the top right corner of Switch.

When pressed, a tab will appear with Facebook comments users have posted.

The Facebook comments provide a clear communication tool for hotel owners to post issues/concerns/questions. Not only does this benefit us at Switch by discovering possible bugs, but also allows hotel owners to help each other.

Seen below is a hotel owner enquiring about taking payments through Expedia; Joemar then replied with a quick solution.

This is a perfect example of how users can benefit from each other and ultimately make Switch accessible to any hotel regardless of size.

The benefits of using Facebook comments is that you can not only view comments, you can create your own with the choice of adding photos (as long as you're signed into Facebook). Users can also like and reply to others' comments.

Users also have the option of sorting how the comments are viewed: by the top comments: ones that have received the most attention, by the newest comments: ones that have been posted most recently and by the oldest comments: ones that have been posted most previously.

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