The Sidebar menu is located on the left hand side of your Switch dashboard. It consists of the Calendars, Guests, Channel Manager, Revenue Management, and Sign Up tabs.


The Calendars tab includes the Calendar, Housekeeping, and Activity Log. This tab will be used to monitor your rooms.


The Guests tab includes Reservations, Check ins, Check outs, and Payment History. This will be used by mainly by receptionists to monitor guest check-in and check-out.

Reports (Beta)

The Reports tab will show different reports automatically generated by Switch. Currently, it can show Arrivals and Check-in, Departures and Check-Out, and Transactional Journal Report. This feature is still in the Beta stage. Additional reports will be available soon. 

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager tab is where you link information from Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), like, Agoda etc, to Switch. This can be set by going to the Dashboard. The Import tab provides a way to manually import your reservations into Switch. This function is primarily used when initially setting up a property. The Activity Log View lists all of the activity that goes on with your channel manager.

Revenue Management

The Revenue Management tab included Dynamic Rates, Seasonal Prices, Google Revenue API and Financial Reports.

Sidebar and Shrinker

Also within the Sidebar is a Search Bar and Shrinker.

  • The Search Bar is used to search for reservations or room numbers. While on the Calendar, entering text in the Search bar will highlight reservations on the calendar matching the results. If you press Enter, a results page will appear.
  • The Shrinker, shown below, condenses the sidebar into icons. The sidebar is where most features are located giving users the benefit of accessibility.
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