The Import tab provides a way to manually import your reservations into Switch. This function is primarily used when initially setting up a property.

Make sure you have turned on import page on turn features on / off to show the import tab.

On import page, you need to download the import template and fill it with the reservations you want to import.

The file is in .csv (Comma Seperated Values) format. This is a simplified document and is easier for the software to import the data.

Upload CSV

After filling your reservations to import, you may now upload the file through upload csv button.

You may notice that the data that consist errors are highlighted as red, green for no errors and yellow for warnings (e.g. duplicate booking ID).

Important! Please note that date format is yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 2017-01-01)

To have a valid data sheet, please make sure that you have fill in the following fields below.

  1. guest_name (Guest name)
  2. check_in_date (Check-in Date)
  3. check_out_date (Check-out Date)
  4. booking_date (Booking Date)
  5. room_type (Room Type)
  6. room_nr (Room Number)
  7. reservation_source (Reservation Source)

Below are the fields that are not required.

  1. booking_id (Booking ID) : if empty, switch will generate a unique ID
  2. email (Email Address)
  3. phone_number (Phone Number)
  4. notes (Notes)

Import button will appear if all required data are correct.

Once you've uploaded the .csv document, your calendar will update accordingly with the reservations on the file. Imported reservation will have [Imported] text at the beginning of each guest names.


Quick tip! If you wish to view the images more larger above, please right click on the image and click open image in new tab.

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