Click the New Reservation Button and there are four different tabs options that can be selected: 

Reservation Details, Room Breakdown, Guest Details and Social Media

There are also two buttons in the top right hand corner Add New Guest and Cancel Reservation. By default, the Reservation Details tab will always be the first tab open when clicking the new reservation button.

1. Reservation Details Tab

This is the only tab which is essential to use when creating a new reservation.

Guest Name: The name of the guest who will be checking in.
Email Address: The contact email address of the guest.
Check In Date: The date that the guest will be checking in.
Nights: The number of nights that the guest is looking to stay at the property.
Room Type: The room type/s that you have set up and available to book
Room Number: The name/number of the room/s that you have available for the duration of the guests stay. Any unavailable rooms will appear with a grey out and all available rooms will appear with a white background.
Status: The guests current status regarding their stay can be located here.
Booking Date: The date that the reservation is booked. By default it will always be the current date.
Source: This drop down will tell you how the guest booked the reservation. It would be advisable to select the correct booking source option incase there are any guest queries later. It also makes things much easier for yourself/your staff members in knowing if payment needs to be made (i.e Hostelworld reservations would have only paid the 15% commission and need to pay the remaining balance upon check in) or if the payment has been made to the OTA themselves (Agoda, Expedia etc) and payment needs to be reconciled at a later date.

It is important to note that the system will not allow you to save a reservation unless the Guest Name, Check In Date, Nights and Room Type fields have been filled in.

On the right hand side of the Reservation Details tab, you will see that there is a section regarding payments and further booking information.

Booking Code: This is a unique code associated with every booking. Even if you use the 'Add New Guest' button, they will share the same booking ID number, but the booking code will be different.

Booking ID: An automatically system generated number that is associated with a booking. If making manual reservations from (Online Travel Agency) OTA websites, it is important that you change this to the booking ID number which the OTA provide rather than keeping the one that Switch automatically generates.

Aux Item: The charge for any auxiliary items will appear here.
Sales Tax: The full amount of any sales tax  
Grand Total: The total sum of the reservation including any sales tax or auxiliary items.
Amount Paid: The total amount that the guest has paid.
Balance Due: The total amount that is still left to be paid by the guest.

Once you have input all the necessary information, remember to click submit to save the reservation!

2. Room Breakdown Tab

On the room breakdown tab, you are able to see a per night breakdown of the cost of the room. You are also able to view if the guest is in the same room for the entire duration of their stay.

The room allocation can be changed nightly if the you/guest wishes so use this tab.

Room settings allows you to add a more guests to the current reservation, if they are booking different beds or different rooms. Remember to assign the additional guests rooms/beds also!

3. Guest Information Tab
On the guest details tab, you are able to input further guest information, such as a phone number and address details.

Social Media tabs lets you can input the links of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages of your guests.

4. Cancel Reservation
This button will delete the information that you have just input into the system.

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