These tabs will show guests that need to check-in and check-out on a chosen date. This date can be chosen through the Timeline Filter.

1. Timeline Filter

Clicking this allows you to specify the period of time in relation to the date tab.

For instance:
You can search for a specific date using 'On' (see below), I've done a search for 2016-04-04 as an example 

You can search for reservations between 2 dates using the 'between option'I've searched for check-ins between 2017-05-01 and 2017-05-23

You can also search for reservations before / after certain dates

If you want to search for guests who are checking in after 2017-05-23 with the status ''waiting for guests'' Set your filters and voila!

2. Status Dropdown

Clicking this filter allows you to choose the statuses of the guests shown in check-ins/check-outs.

For instance if you want to search for guests who have been marked as 'no show', you can change the status to no show. 

See image below for example of no show between 2017-05-15 and 2017-05-23, which turns up as empty.

3. Export all guest CSV button

Clicking this button downloads all guest details into a spreadsheet.

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