The housekeeping function will help you monitor which rooms need cleaning and which rooms have already been cleaned for the day.

You can access housekeeping from Calendar > Housekeeping 

There are few key things to learn from this page:

  1. The date can be accessed at the top to inspect housekeeping on specific days. 
  2. The column 'Assigned' is used to delegate tasks between you and members of staff. If you do not assign the room to anyone, it will appear to all users. If you assign to someone, only his user will see the room in the housekeeping list. 
  3. Indicates how many rooms are left to clean today. 
  4. The housekeepers will be able to change the status from "Needs Cleaning" (Red) to "Cleaned" (Green) on their phones as the day goes on. Users can also change the status.
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