• You can check your payments history by clicking on "Guests". 
  • When checking payments, you are given an option to filter the dates of the guest's transaction. Clicking this button will filter payments based of your choice, there are 4 choices to assist you on filtering only those payments you want to see. 
  • After choosing your filter,  you are given an option to choose the date on, before the chosen date, after the chosen date, or from when the filtering of payments should start (when choosing "Between" filter) by using the date picker.
  • When choosing the "Between" filter, this allows you to check your transactions between the two dates. This will filter the payment history between two dates, the beginning and the end of your chosen date.

Export as CSV

These buttons can sound complicated - what's a CSV? The formal abbreviation is Comma Separated Values but in reality this just refers to a spreadsheet.

  • You can export all of your payments as CSV and print as PDF just by clicking the button.

Below is an example of what one would see if they exported the payments. This is easier to view than pressing each payment in the list for details.


The datepicker, seen above the rows of payments, organises the list of payments in regards to a specific date.

The dropdown menu allows you to choose whether you want to view payments on, before or after the specified date. The last option: between allows you to view payments between TWO dates. A second datepicker will appear.

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