The forecast report summarizes all the future occupancy and revenue that a property can expect in the upcoming months. This report shows the next 12 months and automatically jumps to the next month at the end of the current month.

This report can be found on the left side menu under the Statistics tab in your calendar.

Report's data can be extracted either from each individual room type's data or from all room's data.

Forecast report can be printed out as PDF or can be exported as CSV (spreadsheet file).

Each month's report data has been divided into four categories namely:

  1. Reservation (Reserv.) - Number of occupied rooms on the specific day. This does not count block outs.
  2. Available (Avail.) - Number of available rooms on the specific day. This does not count blockouts.
  3. Occupancy Rate % (Occ.%) - Occupancy rate can be calculated by dividing the total number of rooms into the number of occupied units multiplied by 100 (Occupancy Rate % = Reservation / (Reservation+Available) * 100). It is important to note that Blocked Out rooms are not considered in the total number of rooms.
  4. Average Daily Rate (ADR) - this calculates the average price or rate for occupied room's. It's one of the most important indicators of how a property is performing if you use seasonal prices and rate management. This is calculated as ADR = Room Revenue / Rooms Sold.

At the bottom of every month, there are totals for these four categories plus a total for Room Revenue for the month.

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