Also known as a "Business Report", the Manager Flash Report shows all the important statistics and performance indicators necessary to evaluate your hotel's activity on a daily, monthly and yearly range as represented by the three columns  Day, Month/Month to Date, Year/Year to Date. 

At the top of the report you can choose a date and press "Search."
If for example you choose 15/04/18, the first column will represent your data for only 15/04/18,  the middle column will show cumulative data for 01/04/18 - 15/04/18 and the last column will show you cumulative data for 01/01/18 - 15/04/18.
Therefore to see a report for a full Calendar month the best way to do so is to select the last day of the month and to concentrate on the middle (Month/ Month To Date) column.

This report will help the owner/company to determine the trends and revenue on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. 

Terminologies & Other Considerations:


In this table you can see the key performance indicators for your hotel.
Total Number of Rooms, Available and Occupied Rooms are quite straightforward, just keep in mind that. Blocked Rooms are not counted as available rooms in this, nor any other calculation.

There are several advanced statistics that are included in this report such as:

  • ADR (Average Daily Rate, also known as ARR/Average Room Rate) -This calculates the average rate of the room for your entire property for any given time frame. Formula: ADR = Total Room Revenue / Occupied Rooms
  • Occupancy Rate - This refers to the number of occupied rooms at a given time, compared to the total number of available rooms, expressed as a percent.
  • RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) - It may also be calculated by dividing a hotel's total room revenue by the total number of available rooms in the period being measured. Formula: REVPAR = Rooms Revenue / Available Rooms
  • RevPOR (Revenue Per Occupied Room) - Calculates an average revenue per occupied room. This is no longer just room revenue but also considers auxiliaries. Formula: REVPOR = Total Hotel Revenue / Occupied Rooms


Total Reservations Received broken down by source and given as a total percent of the reservations you receive. Please note this is reservations received IN this time period, not FOR this time period. Also includes a count of Cancelled and No Show reservations.


  • Room Revenue Gross
  • Room TVA
  • Room Revenue Net


This table shows a breakdown of Auxiliary Items by individual Item and by Auxiliary Category. It also shows you what percent of your Total Auxiliary Revenue this Item/Category represents. Total Auxiliary Revenue is calculated at the bottom of this table.


  • Total Revenue Gross
  • Total TVA
  • Total Revenue Net


This table shows you a breakdown of the payments you have received by different methods and shows what percent have come from that specific payment method. It will also show you if there are any remaining balances in the time period selected.

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