To be able to use the Booking Button on your website or any kind of link, enable first the feature by turning the Booking button feature ON:

To create your Booking Button, go to the engine button and click Booking Engine Customization:

Click “Create Booking Button” then for customization of the button content proceed with the next step HERE. You can also edit how the actual button will appear on your page by following the instructions HERE

To customize the content and look of your Booking Page, just click the Booking Page Editor tab beside the Booking Button Editor tab then follow the next steps HERE.

What are the benefits on having a Booking Button on your page?

  1. Easy access on creating reservation from your website, facebook page or any other link.
  2. Commission-free since it's direct from your sites.
  3. Customized button to blend-in with the style of your pages.

Check or for a live Booking Button. 

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