You can customize the most suitable look for your booking page. You can see a preview on the right side when you make a change. Don't forget to click "Save" at the top before leaving this page or all of the changes will be lost.

  1.  Property Display Name

Write your property's name in the field and you can change the color of the font for your page title also. 

2. Primary & Navigation Button Color
Select a color for your search button

On right-top of your page there are navigation buttons to other sections of your Booking Page. You can change the normal color and the activated color that shows the user which section they are currently in.

You can edit your Back to Website button and put your website link inside. If you don't need this button, you can turn it off.

3. Background & Logo
Edit your property's logo on this button.

For "Background Type", there are some options for you, either color or image background.

4. Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Contact Us Editor
You can write your own content for these additional information pages. The links to these will appear on the bottom of your Booking Page. When a guest clicks on them, they will see the additional information page that you have made. You can turn this off if you don't want this on your booking page.

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