Auxiliaries are extra items the guest can purchase as well as where extra charges can be found.

Sample auxiliary items are shown below.

Now you can categories auxiliary items as shown on the image below. 

Add new auxiliary item

  • More information about sales tax type computation explained on this [link]
  • Returnable - enabling this option will let you return the auxiliary item, deducting the amount on the reservation balance. (e.g. key deposit)

Add auxiliary item on a reservation

Step 1: In order to add an auxiliary to a reservation, you will need to click the reservation on Switch .

Step 2: Click the guest's name then click the tab on the left entitled “Extras”.

Step 3: There will be a blue round button that says “New Auxiliary”.

Step 4: Once you click this button, you can choose the specified item from the dropdown menu and enter the quantity.

Step 5: Press “Save Changes” and the guest’s balance will update.

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