The colour code of each reservation is identified based on their status on the property. Below is the detailed description of the colour codes:

  • Gray: Future (Paid/Unpaid) 
  • Gray: Past/Checked-out reservations
  • Yellow: Waiting for the guest's arrival (Paid / Unpaid) - This colour is seen for the 24hrs of the guest's Arrival Date.
  • Red:  In-house (Unpaid) - If a guest was due to arrive before the current date, colour will change to Red/In-House even if status is still "waiting" on the assumption that the guest is in-house.
  • Green:  In-house (Paid in Full) - If additional nights or auxiliary charges are added to the guest's reservation this will change back to Red until balance has been paid in full.

To view full details of the reservation, click a Reservation and view the basic info in the pop-up bubble or click on the Reservation Details button for further info.

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