2.1 New Reservation
To create a new reservation, select the reservation date(s) directly on the Calendar, or click the New Reservation button (See video or click here for detailed info). You can then enter the appropriate information and save.


2.2 New Group Reservation

To create a new group reservation, click the New Group Reservation button. Enter the start date and number of nights. Select the rooms you want to assign to the group and press Add Guests.
Now you must add some guest information for each room you chose. At the minimum you must enter in a name. If you know every guest's name in the group you may enter this or if you only know the main guest's name you may enter this same name for every guest (or whatever you feel is appropriate). Finally you must press Save and your Group Reservation will appear on the Calendar.


2.3 Delete Reservation
To delete a reservation, click on the guest box that has appeared on your calendar and click Reservation Details. On the window that opens, click on Delete Guest then click Yes to confirm the action.

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