Use this function when you want to prevent bookings to particular room or bed. Examples of instances when this function is useful is when there are maintenance issues or when a special guest or employee needs the room. 

3.1 Using the block-out function

The block-out function allows you to block out dates for a room without having to create a new reservation in your name.

It can be found in the Calendar page as a 'Block out Dates' button

When you click the button a window will appear requiring you to input some information including: note, start date, end date and allocated room.

There's another option to Block Out Dates. Just click the start date and drag to the end date on your calendar.

New Update: Now you can block multiple rooms!

Note - You can use this to explain the reasoning for the block. Some examples are "Broken Bed" or "Block for Katelyn".

Start Date - Here you will need to enter the date in which this block starts. 

End Date - You are also required to enter an end date.

Room - Here you will select which room needs to be blocked off. 

After selecting your desired room, the block will appear on the calendar just like other reservations.

3.2 Unblocking the room

To release the room from a 'block', click the block on the calendar to view an overview and click 'Release Room' at the bottom.

You can also change a blocked room into a reservation if you click 'Reservation Details'.

In 'Status' you can change it from 'Blockout' to 'Waiting for Guest' or 'Checked In' etc.

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