First bring out the list of all reservations through  Reception Tab > Reservations > All Reservations

There are two ways to manage and organise the list of guests checking in/out.

1.1 The first is with the tabs above the list. They list from: Guest Name, Room, Booking Source, Status, Check-in Date, Check-out Date, Status.

Once you press each of them the list will organise according to that category. 

For instance, if you press "Guest", Switch will organise them in alphabetical order according to the guest's name.

1.2 The second way to organise is with the the search bar. The two tabs have different options: 

(1)  Allows you to filter out specific bookings from different sources

(2) You can choose all days, on certain date, and between certain dates. 

If you do "Between" dates, you need to put start and end date. Don't forget to click "Search".

Rather than listing them in order of the specific category, this feature filters out the guests that do not apply to the filters listed above.

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