Below are the basic items that every staff needs to be trained on. 

  1. Logging in/out: Make sure staff knows how to log in & out of Switch.
  2. New Reservations: Explains the two different ways of creating new reservations and which one is easier. 
  3. Block outs: How to block out your inventory.
  4. Check-ins: Showing how to see how many check ins & check outs the today.
  5. Payments: Teaches how to do half payment with cash, full payment with credit card offline, etc. 
  6. Moving Reservations: Drag reservations to different rooms.
  7. Auxiliary Items: How to add auxiliaries & include them as items in a reservation's bill.
  8. Notes: How to create notes on a reservation.
  9. Seasonal Pricing: Shows the different ways to change (seasonal) prices.
  10. Booking Button: Generate a "Book now" code for your website. 
  11. Transactional E-mail: How to create a transactional e-mails for the guest or the property. 
  12. Housekeeping: How to use the housekeeping section and how to create a housekeeping user. 
  13. Create Room: How to create rooms, set up prices and change currency.
  14. Reservation Details: Shows each section of the reservation details.

After going through the basics, you can do some tests to make sure everyone understood. Always let the staff/trainee interact with the computer, rather than the trainer.

A good way to make sure your staff actually understands the procedures is by running small test during the training. For example, ask each staff member to create a room with his name and test each of the features previously explained. 

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