The main Reservation Page (default page) has 3 main tabs:

A. Reservation Details tab
Payments / Refunds tab
Guest Information tab 

Aside from the main tabs, there are other features and functions that the Reservation button offers and these are:

D. Add New Guest
Delete Guest
Booking Code, Booking ID, Amount Paid and Balance

Main Tabs

A. Reservation Details Tab

The most essential tab to use when creating a new reservation.

  1. Guest Name - The name of the guest who made the reservation.
  2. Status - A list of options that you can select according to the guest’s current reservation status. (Waiting for guest, Checked-in/out, No Show, Cancelled and Blockout).
  3. Number of Guests - This new feature allows you to enter the number of guest according to the number of adults and number of children included in the reservation.
  4. Booking Date - The date that the reservation has been made from any variety of sources (OTAs or booked manually).
  5. Check-In / Out Date - The date that the guest will be checking in / out.
  6. Nights - The number of nights the guest will be staying in the property.
  7. Room Type - The kind of room that the guest chooses for the reservation.
  8. Room Number - Any room number available in the property. The rooms/s highlighted in gray are unavailable (which it cannot be selected) while those in white are available rooms. For Hostels an individual bed can be considered a "Room" in that you sell them individually.
  9. Res. Source - A list of all the sources that will inform you on how the guest booked the reservation. It would be advisable to select the correct booking source for statistical purposes.
  10. Email - Guest’s valid email address.
  11. Phone - Guest’s phone/mobile number.

All additional details and functions regarding the reservation have been sub-categorized. Changing nightly price (Room Breakdown), adding auxiliary items (Extras), other necessary details (Notes), all activities about the reservation for future reference (Activity Log), all price adjustments of the total price (Price Adjustment) and the API call (for developers and advance user’s reference).

Note: Whenever you want to create a reservation, it's necessary to fill-up the Guest Name, Check-In/Check-out Dates, Room Type, and Room Number fields. The system will not allow you to save any reservation unless you input data in the said fields.

B. Payments / Refunds Tab

This tab allows you to check all the transaction with regards to the reservation’s payments or refunds.

C. Guest Information

Additional information (Passport information, uploading the photo, etc.) from the guest that can be necessary for the property owner.

D. Add New Guest

This button enables you to add a new guest (in a separate room) to a specific reservation, making it a group reservation.

E. Delete Guest

 Completely remove any guest in a reservation. This is different than a cancellation or a no show as it will not be recorded in your statistics or records. Should be done only in the case of a user error.

F.  Invoice 

A statement of the bill for a reservation that can be downloaded or printed out. See this tutorial for more info about the invoices.

G. Booking Code, Booking ID, Amount Paid and Balance

  1. Booking Code - A unique code associated with each reservation. The booking code will change whenever you add a new guest and will not affect the Booking ID.
  2. Booking ID - A system-generated number which is connected to a reservation.
  3. Amount Due - The total amount that the guest has to pay.
  4. Balance - The total amount that is still left to be paid by the guest.

Once you input or modify any necessary information, don’t forget to click the “Save Reservation” button.

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