Switch allows you to use two currencies in the system. If your Switch account has a different currency setting from your OTA extranet settings, you can set a secondary currency in Switch to match what you have in your extranet.
Just keep in mind that the same currency should be used in all your connected OTAs. 

Example: On Switch, currency is set to USD and in your extranet, currency is set to IDR. 

To set the secondary currency, 

  1. Go to Basic Settings > Currency & Taxes

2. Turn on Secondary Currency and select IDR (for this example). Enable for both Use in OTA and Show on Invoice settings. 

3. Currency symbol and exchange rate will show automatically. However, you can also put the rate manually based on the currency exchange rate. (USD to IDR in this example.)

A bunch of warning pop-ups will show whenever you will change the primary and secondary currency.

a. Change of primary currency and its effect on the room rates and reports.

b. Change in secondary currency and its effect in the calendar.

Note: Whenever you will modify the currency in your calendar, the past data (room rates, reports, etc.) will not be affected with the modifications. The system will also record all the currency used in the calendar.

Computation: The rates set in Seasonal Pricing will be converted  using the exchange rate you set in the Secondary Currency settings. 

Screenshot of Hostelworld extranet showing the converted rates. 

Total amount and balances will continue to show in your main currency but you can see amounts in your secondary currency in the invoice.

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