You can find the Immigration Report in the left side menu under Statistics in the "Reports" Feature:

Inside this report you will see all your in-house guest for a selected date. This includes all guests staying in a room, whose information has been entered. For more info about our Multi-Guest feature please see this tutorial.

This is a customizable report. You can choose which information you want to see displayed in the columns:

You may download it, print it or send this report by email automatically.

Customizable Fields

You can also include information from the new customizable fields that you may create and fill out depending on your needs. You may find them in Settings, inside  "General Preferences."

After creating your new fields you may fill them in for the Main Guest under the "Additional Information" tab in the Guest Information section.

And for Multi-Guests (Guest 2,3 etc) they can be found by scrolling down on their information sheet.

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