Switch.cm has added a Multi-Guest feature to provide properties help in recording information about who is staying in your property other than the Main Guest who made the reservation.

This can be accessed by entering into any reservation and clicking on the " + " on the upper part portion of the "Reservation Details ." This will create a new information sheet for additional guests staying in the same room. 

Please note the number of guests' you can add in this function is tied to the "Number of Guests" you have selected in the Reservation Details and to the "Max pax" you have set for this Room Type in the "Rooms and Rates" settings.

NOTE: Adding another guest is not creating a Group Reservation, this can be done by the "Add New Reservation" Button found on the left side.

Guest Information

When adding a new guest only the name will be required and all additional information is optional. For the Address you may tick the " Same address as main guest " box to save time if needed.

There are also new, customizable fields you may create and fill out depending on your needs. You may find them in Settings, inside  "General Preferences."

After creating your new fields you may fill them in for the Main Guest under the "Additional Information" tab in the Guest Information section.

And for Multi-Guests (Guest 2,3 etc) they can be found by scrolling down on their information sheet.

Now that you have full and customizable information for every person staying in your property you can test out how you can get a customizable Immigration Report with this information. Please see the tutorial about this here.

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