Account Setup

1. Register a Subdomain

Create your own account To create your own account go to and press Sign Up in the bottom left corner of the page. Choose your preferred subscription plan and click Start your free Trial button. Alternatively, go to, enter the Pricing page and click on Start your free Trial on your pricing plan of choice. Fill out the […]

2. Signing our Online Contract and Agreement

You will use HelloSign to electronically sign our Hospitality Software and Service Agreement. Once you’ve finished your registration with, you will receive an email (see below email) asking you to review and sign our Hospitality Software and Service Agreement.   From that button, you will be redirected to HelloSign’s electronic contract services. You will […]

3. Update your Username & Password

After signing up to, you will receive your temporary login details for your account through your registered email. This contains your Switch Account subdomain (URL), 6-Digit ID or Username and your temporary Password. Note: You should also check your Spam and Junk folder if you do not see it in your Inbox. After receiving your […]

4. Update General Preferences

Click on the Gear icon and select General Preferences under Basic Settings. This will allow you to fully customize your property in Switch.    You can choose your time zone and you can toggle on/off some of the features Switch offers.  For example:   ‘Require guest to email booking reservation‘ should always be ‘ON‘ if you want to receive the guest’s email when the […]

5. Currency & Taxes

Set the correct Currency and Tax rate you will be using in our system and with the OTAs. Secondary Currency options available.   To manage the currency or sales tax in your Switch account, simply click the Gear icon on the top right corner then click Currency & Taxes under the Basic Settings. Taxes Whenever you want to include tax […]

6. Set up Rooms & Rates

Set up your properties rooms and set base rates. You need to set up the rooms that you have on your property on your Switch system. You also need to mirror the same rooms and rate plans in Switch that you have on your OTAs. This might take some adjusting in your OTA extranet, and […]

7. Set up Seasonal Prices

Set different rates for special days, holidays or seasons. The Seasonal Prices feature allows you to change your prices for certain rooms and certain dates without having to change your base rate. Often properties need to raise the price for holidays, festivals and high seasons and sometimes lower the prices for low seasons. You can […]

8. Add existing reservations

Make sure your availability is correct before running your first push. All existing reservations must be added before you can connect the channel manager to OTAs (such as Expedia and Hostelworld). allows you to pull all existing reservations with the help of a agent. All other reservations, from OTAs or direct sources such […]

9. Set up a Username and Password for each Employee/Staff

Create new user log-in for different kind of employees/ staff. Add a New User To add a New User, click the gear icon on the top right corner, (1) Manage Users (2) then click Add a New User button (3)   Fill-out the necessary information like Name, Email, Role (Owner, Manager, Member, Housekeeping, View Only and Staff) and provide a username and password. Note: Username must be at […]

10. How to use QSnap

QSnap will be vital in helping you send us screenshots via chat. qSnap captures single or multiple webpages with a single “snap”, you can also edit your screen shot. You can download it for free here. To begin, use the shortcut key CTRL + ALT+ V to capture the visible part of your page and the […]