Advanced Guides (Senior Staff/ Manager/ Owner)


Auxiliaries are extra items the guest can purchase as well as where extra charges can be found. Sample auxiliary items are shown below. Now you can categories auxiliary items as shown on the image below.  Add new auxiliary item More information about sales tax type computation explained on this [link] Returnable – enabling this option […]

Turn Features On/Off

Hide menus that you don’t need. The screencast below shows how it works.

Currency & Taxes

To manage the currency or sales tax in your Switch account, simply click the Gear icon on the top right corner then click Currency & Taxes under the Basic Settings. Taxes Sales Tax (Exclusive) Turning the Sales tax setting On and selecting the Exclusive type will automatically apply the sales tax to the balance based on the Sales tax rate specified. (Shown on example below) Sales tax […]

Custom Payment Methods

Payment method list can be found on reservation pop up under Payments / Refunds tab. Add new payment list or OTA list through payment method under advance settings. See how it works below! Added Traveloka as new OTA payment method.

Custom Reservation Source

Reservation source is available through the Basic Settings.   You can add any other reservation source to the list. See the sample screenshots below. The new reservation source will now appear on the list in the reservation pop up.

Advance / Invoice (beta version)

Invoices can be viewed through the guest reservation pop up. You can save the PDF by clicking on Generate PDF or Print it directly from the menu.  __________________________________________________________________ Customize invoice You can customize invoices through the Invoice Customization menu from the Advanced Settings (Gears icon).  From here you can change the hotel name, property address, sender’s job title and receptionist or sender’s name. You can also upload an image or […]

Customize your Booking Page

You can customize the most suitable look for your booking page. You can see a preview on the right side when you make a change. Don’t forget to click “Save” at the top before leaving this page or all of the changes will be lost.  1. Property Display Name Write your property’s name in the […]

Booking Button Content

Customize your booking button content to include room photos and add more info. If you still don’t use booking button, you can create one through the guide [here]. __________________________________________________________________ 1. Upload room photo On your booking button settings, select the booking button you want to upload new photos. Please note that you can only upload […]

How to create a Booking Button

To be able to use the Booking Button on your website or any kind of link, enable first the feature by turning the Booking button feature ON: To create your Booking Button, go to the engine button and click Booking Engine Customization: Click “Create Booking Button” then for customization of the button content proceed with the next step [here]. […]