Channel Manager & How to connect to OTAs

A knowledge base to help you understand the channel manager and online travel agencies (OTAs)

Not Pulling Room Type from Hostel World (HW) when connecting on our Channel Manager

When making initial connection to Hostel World from our Channel Manager , some room types are often not pulled. For this issue, we need to follow these steps, -> Delete Un- pulled Room Types on extra net (this will NOT delete existing reservations) ->Re-create deleted Room Types on extra net ->Refresh Rooms on Channel […]

How to connect to AirBNB

Connecting with AirBnB in the channel manager requires a special method. In this case, we recommend you to contact our customer support team (via chat or send an email to and set a schedule when we are going to initiate the connection. During the process, whoever owns the AirBnB account needs to be online […]

How to allow another user to access your extranet temporarily

New function of extranet allows to have a temporary access of your extranet to another user. If you need a help from us while creating or updating the rate plans, you can create a user by adding our email to give an access to us. Email:   Here is the simple guideline to […]

How to connect to Traveloka

1. Send a request to activate as channel manager to your market manager. Market manager’s email can be found on your traveloka extranet dashboard. 2. A hotel code will be provided by your market manager. Please use this code when you add a new channel (traveloka) on dashboard OTA. Don’t forget to click SAVE! […]

How to connect to Hostelworld

1. Send an email to your account manager at Hostelworld, requesting an API key and password for you to connect to SWITCH.CM Channel Manager. 2. Hostelworld will send you confirmation and an API key / password. 3. Click Channel Manager > Dashboard OTA > Add New Channel Find in the dropdown and fill in Property details 4. Map your local room […]

How to connect to Hostelsclub

1. Please send request to to enable channel manager connection for SWITCH.CM. 2. Hostelsclub will then send you confirmation that you’re ready to connect to channel manager. You may now connect to Hostelsclub via OTA dashboard, Add new channel, search for and enter your property ID. 3. Map your rooms and enable auto pull/push.

How to connect to Expedia

You have to follow the below instructions for new Expedia connection: 1. Reach out to ppty POC to guide them thru selecting Connectivity Provider in extranet (i.e.: Expedia Extranet login -> Rates & Availability -> Connectivity Settings -> Pick SWITCH.CM as connectivity provider. 2. And for the further steps, please contact to Switch support team with […]

How to connect to

Connect to to make creating rooms easier. Step by step connection in extranet as screenshots below: Step 1: On your extranet, click on ‘Start’ and try to search for ‘‘.   Step 2: Accept the agreement terms and continue process. Step 3: Then someone from our team will approve the connection. Please contact us for the ‘Provider […]

How to connect to AirBNB

To connect AirBNB, go to the channel manager and enter your login that you use to access AirBNB website:  In the example below, the property has eight double rooms.  Notice that the property’s AirBNB login only has 1 listing.   Unfortunately, this is a limitation with AirBNB, so it is recommended that you create an AirBNB listing […]

How to connect to Agoda

1. Contact your Agoda account manager and request to enable channel manager (SWITCH.CM). Also request to upgrade the Agoda account to ycs 5.0. 2. You will receive a confirmation that your account is ready to connect to   3. On your channel manager settings, go to Dashboard OTA. Add new channel and select Agoda. Enter your property ID […]