Create your own account

To create your own account go to and press Sign Up in the bottom left corner of the page. Choose your preferred subscription plan and click Start your free Trial button.

Alternatively, go to, enter the Pricing page and click on Start your free Trial on your pricing plan of choice.

Fill out the form with your account credentials and choose your subdomain. Your subdomain is your Switch account hence, its your URL address on the Cloud. For example, if your property is called Lagoon Hotel you can choose or just

After submitting your necessary information, you’re required to enter your Credit Card or Paypal details on the next page. Your setup fee will not be charged until you have spoken with a sales agent and have completed your setup.

Note: Your monthly fee will not be charged until the end of your 2-month trial period.

After the  payment details, you will see our Contract/Service Agreement. This is written in a plain language so you can understand it and no fine print. You may revise and sign it and have a copy sent to your email as well. We have a tutorial about this here.

Now, your subdomain will be created. You will receive details of login in your email but make sure to check your junk / spam email if the message does not appear in your inbox.