Adding Auxiliary or Extra items to a Guest’s bill. Create Separate invoices for Auxiliary Items.

Add auxiliary / extra item on a reservation

Step 1: In order to add an auxiliary to a reservation, you will need to open the guest’s Reservation Details

Step 2: On the left side menu of the Reservation Details click on the “Extras” tab.

Step 3: There will be a blue round button that says “New Auxiliary”.

Step 4: Once you click this button, you can choose the specified item from the dropdown menu and enter the quantity.

Step 5: Press “Save Changes” and the guest’s balance will update.

Only users with higher permission levels may delete auxiliary items that have been added to a reservation.

If an item is returnable the amount listed is considered a deposit and that amount will be discounted from the total and remaining balance once it has been returned.


Room Charges and Auxiliary Charges in Separate Invoices

In the Auxiliary section you will find a button offering you to “Split Auxiliary Charges from Rome Charges.” This will mean this reservation will have two separate invoices, one for room charges and one for auxiliary charges. Activating this feature is a NON-REVERSIBLE action for this reservation. You cannot later recombine those invoices. 

After completing this action you can view the auxiliary invoice in the auxiliary section and print it or generate it as PDF.