The Booking Button which will appear on your website or Facebook page can be customized to suit the look and style of your website and brand.

As you make the changes detailed below you can preview how it will look in the Button Preview highlighted on the left in the image below. Please remember that you must click the “Save Button Style” when you are finished or your changes will be lost.

Edit the Booking Button Size by just entering the desired size in the boxes next to the Button Preview.

Edit the Button Color by choosing your desired color from our wide color palette. “Normal Color” is how it will appear when the mouse/cursor is not near it. 
“When Hovered” is the color it will turn as the mouse/cursor is on top of the bottom. “When Clicked” is the color it will turn once it has been clicked and the link activated. 

It is not necessary to have three different colors here but it is quite common to at least have a different color for “When Hovered.”

Customize the Button Text and Text Color to further suit the language and style of your website.

You can learn how to customize your Booking Button content by clicking the guide [here].

Don’t forget to hit “Save Button Style” when you’re done to make sure all the changes are applied to your Booking Button. Otherwise, if you are not happy with the changes you made, you can click the “Reset to Default Style” option.

Tip: Once you have made all your customization of Booking Button, Content and Booking Page you can just copy the HTML code provided and paste it to your Facebook Page, Website or anywhere else you feel is appropriate. There is no limit to how many active Booking Buttons you can use!