You do not need to sign a long term contract, and in case you want to cancel your subscription, you may do it at any time.


Inside your Switch account you will have a “Subscription” section, which will show you your payment method and subscription details. There you can also select the ‘Cancel’ button to stop your subscription. 

During your free trial, this will immediately cancel your subscription and you will not be charged anything at the end of your two-month trial period. 

For Paying users there is a 30 day cancellation policy where you will pay what is due for the current subscription period, and cancellation will take place from the next monthly billing period.
Annual plan users are not eligible for refunds on unused months of their paid year. All of this is laid out in more detail in our Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions [link].

At the time of start of your subscription you are invited to request a copy of the Service Agreement in which you can sign and keep a copy with you. This document states full details on the services that offers to its users.