Hotel collect reservations: virtual cards are added directly on booking date and will be validated automatically. 

Expedia Collect reservations: virtual cards can only be added on check-in date and validated. A reservation will be paid automatically at the time of booking and hotel will charge the Expedia Virtual Card (EVC). Property will collect the payment from Expedia via the EVC or through monthly bank transfer.

How Switch will handle these kind of payment?

  • Expedia Collect

With virtual card – the balance of the reservation will be on due and hotel will collect the payment through the Virtual Card on the date of the check-in;

Without virtual card – hotel will receive the payment through monthly settlement type. Switch will record the payment and indicate it as “Expedia Collect“. Moreover, the balance will be 0 and an additional note that says, “Expedia Collect – Please request the payment via extranet to Expedia”

  • Hotel Collect

The remaining balance will reflect on the reservation and hotel needs to collect it to the guest.

Check this link to see more about the Expedia Virtual card.