This is the error that you will see from Expedia:


This is happening because of the threshold rate is set to 0.00 in Expedia:


To Fix this:

Send an email to requesting to increase the threshold.

Sample Email:

Would it be possible to either change the threshold amounts for the following property:

Property ID: 17274085
Property Name: Hung Do Homestay

Instead of:
<RateThreshold type="NetRate" minAmount="0.00" maxAmount="0.00" source="RecentReservations"/>

<RateThreshold type="SellRate" minAmount="0.00" maxAmount="0.00" source="RecentReservations"/>

Please change it to:

<RateThreshold type="NetRate" minAmount="1.00" maxAmount="1000.00" source="Manual"/>

<RateThreshold type="SellRate" minAmount="1.00" maxAmount="1000.00" source="Manual"/>

It is a new property that was recently set up on Expedia, and their rate threshold amounts are causing errors during the synchronization process. I’ve attached a screenshot of the full API call for this location.”