1. Contact your Agoda account manager and request to enable channel manager (SWITCH.CM). Also request to upgrade the Agoda account to ycs 5.0.

2. You will receive a confirmation that your account is ready to connect to switch.cm.  

3. On your channel manager settings, go to Dashboard OTA. Add new channel and select Agoda. Enter your property ID and save changes.

4. Wrong credential error. 

  • Please make sure that you have enter your property ID correctly.
  • You might need to check back with your account manager in agoda and have them confirm that your property is still not able to connect to channel manager.

5. Map your rooms and run a manual push.

  • If you receive any errors please contact switch support via intercom message.
  • If the push is a success, please review your rates and availability in your Agoda calendar / extranet if it’s reflected correctly.
  • Enable auto push and pull to sync automatically.