Connecting with AirBnB in the channel manager requires a special method. In this case, we recommend you to contact our customer support team (via chat or send an email to and set a schedule when we are going to initiate the connection. During the process, whoever owns the AirBnB account needs to be online since the OTA usually sends a code (via email, SMS or call) which is important in completing the connection.

Once we’re done connecting your account to the channel manager, you will now proceed on mapping the rooms.

In the image below, the property has eight double rooms.  Notice that the property’s AirBNB login only has 1 listing.  

Unfortunately, this is a limitation with AirBNB, so it is recommended that you create an AirBNB listing for every single room.

We would recommend you to set the instant booking ON because Switch will only recognize actual confirmed bookings, not an inquiry.

If you are all set up, Switch will download your existing reservations. To test if its completely correct, you can make a small change in the price, then Run Push (full).

Afterwards, set the Automatic Pull and Automatic Push to Enable then click Save Changes.

Checklist to be prepared by user

  • Require Login Credential (email address and password)
  • Require to stay online during the connection process (Airbnb usually asks for two factor authentication code)
  • prepare the listings according to total rooms of your hotel
  • make sure the rooms are listed in Airbnb
  • inform to switch team any time you’ve modified your login credential